How Often Is The Healthiest To Change Sanitary Napkins?

  • 2020-05-21
Sanitary napkins are a woman's inseparable partner during menstruation, but if you don't pay attention to these points, your "good partner" may become a "murderer" to hurt you! Pay attention to these 5 points when using Chuangjia sanitary napkins!

1. How often is the sanitary napkin changed?

During menstruation, a woman's resistance will decrease and her private parts will be hot and humid. If you don’t change your sanitary napkins for a long time, you will not only be prone to genital itching, but it may also cause bacteria to grow and induce vaginitis!

Recommendation: Change sanitary napkins every 2 hours or so.

2. Do you wash your hands before changing sanitary napkins?

Everyone has been educated since childhood: wash your hands before meals and after going to toilet, but would you wash your hands before changing Chuangjia sanitary napkins? When changing the sanitary napkin, the hand will inevitably touch the front of the sanitary napkin. If your hands are not clean, sanitary napkins are easily contaminated. Would you like to pad a contaminated sanitary napkin?

Recommendation: It’s always good to take precautions, so try to wash your hands before changing sanitary napkins.

3. Where to store your sanitary napkins?

In terms of ease of use, it is very convenient to put Chuangjia sanitary napkins in the bathroom. However, it is not safe to put the bathroom! No sunlight, humidity, and no ventilation are the conditions of all bathrooms. Under such conditions, the opened sanitary napkins are prone to moisture and mold!

Suggestion: Don't put sanitary napkins in the bathroom, you can buy sanitary napkins with good airtightness and independent packaging.

4. Which fabric would you choose?

At present, the most common fabrics, one is cotton, the other is mesh, each has its advantages and disadvantages. The instant effect of the mesh surface is good, but it is easy to cause discomfort such as itching and allergies. The cotton surface is more skin-friendly, does not irritate the vulva, and has a good absorption effect.

Suggestion: choose the one that suits you. If the vulva is more sensitive, don't choose a mesh. Cotton sanitary napkins will not be sensitive, and it is generally not easy to leak.

5. Will you use smelly sanitary napkins?

Women who are menstruating usually have a bloody smell on their bodies. If there is gynecological inflammation, the smell will be more severe. So at this time, many people choose to use sanitary napkins with fragrance and medicine. But this is a temporary cure, not a permanent cure. Flavor additives can cause allergies, and drugs can disrupt the acid-base balance of private parts, cause flora imbalance, and cause inflammation. And cool sanitary napkins may cause coldness in the palace! Chuangjia hygiene products

Recommendation: Choose sanitary napkins that are skin-friendly, do not add, and are not sensitive.

You are already familiar with these precautions for using sanitary napkins. Maybe the sisters around you still have these misunderstandings. Your one-time forwarding will make them feel more at ease through their menstrual period!

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